​Allergy Drops are the newest, most convenient, and safest form of allergy treatment.  We compound our serum in our Orlando office; specifically made for each individual patient based on their unique allergies. Some key benefits of Allergy drops are:

Quick, effective management of all allergy conditions; including nose, eyes, ears, and lungs

Convenient, no weekly visits to the office to receive your treatment like shots

Easy to administer; quick and painless, no needles, virtually no chance of adverse reactions

Treatment can begin the same day you are tested

Most patients report they are symptom free, off daily medication, and enjoying a better quality of life after 6 to 12 months of treatment

Can be ordered over the phone and mailed directly to your home

They are not covered by insurance, but, unlike shots, they do not require a co-pay for injections and/or compounding

Here are a few Testimonials from a few of our patients who have used Allergy Drops.